Conserving our lepidopteran heritage

Verloren Valei illustrates how important a role protected areas play in conserving our biodiversity. By Justin Bode Lepidoptera are recognised as playing an important role in ecological systems, and also act as biodiversity indicators. For these reasons, the Southern African … Read More

Reclassifying the Yellow-breasted Pipit

Recent genetic findings show that the Yellow-breasted Pipit should, in fact, be classified as a longclaw. By Hugh Chittenden          This short note has been compiled to give support to the recent genetic findings that show that Yellow-breasted Pipit, Anthus chloris, … Read More

The ultimate defence

As a defence mechanism, many butterflies are poisonous. Other butterflies mimic their poisonous cousins to warn off predators. By Justin Bode When a poisonous butterfly is bitten, the toxins released stimulate a vomiting reflex in the predator that results in … Read More