What’s in a name?

DNA technology is changing the way plants—and especially orchids—are named, as the cases of Orthochilus aculeatus subsp. aculeatus and subsp. huttonii demonstrate. By Gerrit van Ede In the botanical world, name changes occur reasonably frequently due to a number of … Read More

Lessons from Botswana?

An academic paper about the effects of the ban on safari hunting in Botswana could have some lessons for us at Verloren Valei. By James van den Heever A recent paper by Joseph Mbaiwa in the South African Geographical Journal … Read More


One of the founders of Friends of Verloren Valei dies It is with a very sad heart that we announce the passing of Bill Mincher, one of the founding members, and for a long time the treasurer, of Friends of … Read More

Cranes rising

Why the crane breeding project at Verloren Valei was terminated, and some good news about growth in the numbers of Wattled Cranes. By James van den Heever In an earlier article, “The crane conundrum”, I explored some of the issues … Read More

Meet the Widow

The Alpine Widow butterfly is a denizen of high-altitude grasslands and so may be seen at Verloren Valei. By Justin Bode Restricted to the high-altitude grassland in the Steenkampsberg and above Machadodorp, Dingana alticola, the Alpine widow or Alpynse-weduwee, is … Read More

New Reserve Manager for Verloren Valei

Shirley Sibiya brings enthusiasm, experience and a deep commitment to conservation to her new position. From a very young age, Shirley says she had a rapport with animals. As a girl, her happiest times were spent caring for her family’s … Read More

Viva Virtual Museum! Let’s get BioMAPping…

Megan Loftie Eaton introduces the Virtual Museum. Welcome to the Animal Demography Unit Virtual Museum When people hear the word “museum” they often think of a building filled with dusty display cases and stuffed animals But the Virtual Museum (VM) … Read More

John Burrows
Portfolio Item

About John John Burrows is a South African horticulturalist originally from Zimbabwe. He was born and raised in Salisbury (now Harare). He joined the Department of Research and Specialist Services in 1970, after his university studies were interrupted by the … Read More