The ultimate defence

As a defence mechanism, many butterflies are poisonous. Other butterflies mimic their poisonous cousins to warn off predators. By Justin Bode When a poisonous butterfly is bitten, the toxins released stimulate a vomiting reflex in the predator that results in … Read More

Mr Thomas Cooper’s orchid—Disa cooperi

This beauty is one of the standout blooms at Verloren Valei despite the fierce competition. By Gerrit van Ede When in flower, this orchid is very noticeable in the sour-grass veld of Verloren Valei, and is one of the beauties … Read More

In search of the …caterpillar

The full life cycle of South Africa’s more than 10 000 species of Lepidoptera remains mysterious, even in the age of Google. Citizen scientists have a big role to play, writes  Justin Bode. It may surprise you to learn that we … Read More

Verloren Valei’s contribution to water security

New measurements show just how much pristine water Verloren Valei contributes to the total ecosystem. By James van den Heever The last time a scientific study of the water provided by the Verloren Valei wetlands was in October 1995. Now, … Read More

Not just about flufftails

Dr Kyle Lloyd, Rockjumper Fellow of White-winged Flufftail Conservation, says that his research project about these mysterious birds hopes to help preserve the endangered wetlands which they and the rest of creation relies. By James van den Heever Dr Lloyd … Read More

African Butterfly News
Portfolio Item

We are proud to have LepSoc as Friends of Verloren Valei and would like to share their news in the form of The African Butterfly News, a monthly newsletter about all things lepidoptera.… Read More