Red-hot pokers in Verloren Valei wetland (Photograph: Frans Krige)

Verloren Valei is a small but internationally recognised high-altitude wetland some 12 kilometres north-east of Dullstroom in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Four rivers rise in the reserve, and it is famous for its abundant flora, most notably its wild orchids. Two species of butterfly are endemic to the reserve. Because of its ecological importance, pristine state and fragility, the Reserve is managed as a Remote Conservation Zone. The reserve is closed and can only be visited by appointment.

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The Friends of Verloren Valei is a group of volunteers whose primary aim is to support the reserve management in conserving it as a wetland and biodiversity reserve in pristine condition for future generations to enjoy. We undertake a range of projects aimed at supporting the management plan as agreed with the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency, which manages the Reserve.

By joining the Friends of Verloren Valei you will contribute to protecting this important national asset.

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Verloren Valei locality map
Verloren Valei locality map



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