Celebrate World Rivers Day on 27 September

As the source of four rivers, Verloren Valei deserves to be part of this celebration.

Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September, World Rivers Day strives to aiming to heighten awareness and encourage people to preserve our important and beautiful rivers. You can join the cause and help make rivers more sustainable. Almost every country around the world will have at least one river flowing through it. There are probably a number of other important waterways as well. To ensure that these important bodies of water are celebrated and appreciated as they should be, World Rivers Day aims to remind people about just how important all of the waterways around the globe are to us.

You might be wondering why we need a World Rivers Day as everyone is already aware of numerous rivers around the world. That’s true; but what some people aren’t aware of is just how under threat some of them are. Rivers are a part of our communities.  We cannot impact our local river systems without ultimately impacting our own health and well-being.  These issues are not solely river issues; they are issues for human communities and for the future generations.

There is a lot of human activity that causes pollution and damage to a number of the world’s important waterways, and this is dangerous for the people who regularly use the rivers as a source of water and transport, as well as the ecosystems that could be living in them. “Rivers are the arteries of our planet; they are lifelines in the truest sense.” – Mark Angelo

The main aim of World Rivers Day is to ensure that everyone is aware of the importance of river stewardship and that we all do what we can to limit the threats that could potentially endanger our rivers.

Get involved – there are a number of different things that we can all do in order to protect our rivers.

  • This includes using earth-friendly body products and biodegradable cleaning products. After all, these chemicals all get washed down the drain, which means they end up going back into our rivers.
  • Other tips include turning your tap off while you are brushing your teeth, timing your showers, and keeping a full load when you are using your dishwasher or your washing machine. Small changes like this can go a very long way.
  • You can celebrate World Rivers Day is by planning an event such as a clean-up of a river or stream. It is a good idea to look to involve different organizations and groups from the community so that you gain participation and local support.

No matter how you choose to spend this day, we are sure that it will help you appreciate your local waterway a lot more than what you might do right now. If everyone did, imagine how clean our rivers could be!

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