First field trip for the 2020-21 summer season

LepSoc Africa will host its annual field trip on 12 December 2020.

Warren’s Blue (L) and Clark’s Lost Widow (R), both Verloren Valei ‘specials’

Verloren Valei is home to two butterfly species that only exist there — Warren’s Blue and Clark’s Lost Widow. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to sight one of these rare insects under the expert guidance of Jeremy Dobson, President of LepSoc Africa and Justin Bode, a regular contributor on this site. What better way to end a year of lockdown cabin fever with a trip to the top of the world?

Other possible sightings might include the Transvaal Copper, Tite’s Copper, Bush Scarlet, Lydenburg Opal, Common Meadow Blue, Henning’s Black-Eye, Basuto Skolly, Table Mountain Beauty, Blue Pansy, Gaudy Commodore, Mountain Sylph and Restless Blue, to name just a few.

Booking is essential — mail to reserve your place.

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