New data on pollination of Streptocarpus dunnii

Work by Steve Johnson and his team at the School of Life Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal expands our knowledge of how this plant is pollinated.

Double-collared sunbird contemplating a nectar fix

Streptocarpus dunnii is associated with mistbelt grasslands, and grows on Verloren Valei, so I was very interested to read an article on the Mountainlands Nature Reserve blog that adds to our knowledge about these plants. S dunnii produces an array of red trumpet-shaped flowers, and it was previously known that Malachite Sunbirds pollinate them.

Remarkable new footage shows that Double-collared sunbirds also act as pollinators.

To view the footage, please read Dance of the sunbirds by Delia Oostbuizen on the Mountainlands website. For more information on pollination in general, take a look at Surprising pollinators.

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